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I believe that when people are open and willing to talk about deep topics, for example a disabilities or loss, they will have more understanding for one another.

Memoire originates from the struggles of my own mourning process: I noticed that it is very hard to talk about losing someone over a long period of time. As a designer, I put up projects where the communication between people strengthens. That is the reason why I started this semester with the design challenge: How can I help bring together relatives in an easy manner, to communicate with one another and help them with their mourning process?
During last semester I created a design process to deal with loss and mourning. I generated a personalized object which serves as a conversation piece: A tool which relatives can show that they are ready to talk about someone they lost.
Besides the “conversation piece”, I also brought together a group of people to help reminiscing. Once every four months, I will take this group of people (network) on a hike, on which they can talk about their loss with the help of their personalized object.