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The Alder’s-necklace-shell slowly drills a hole in the cockle with its prickly tongue and slurps the mollusk out of its shell.

At the bottom of the sea, things happen that we cannot see. Yet these happenings leave their traces on the beach, just like events that happened in the past. These events are not visible anymore while we live with their remains every day. It’s those things in life which are present but not clearly visible that fascinate me and trigger my imagination. In the work ‘Luctor et Emergo’, I’ve been working with those remains. On the one hand, these are the remains of most of my teenage years, which I spent behind a sewing machine, followed by a study in fashion. On the other hand, these are memories of visiting my grandparents, who lived just five minutes away from the beach.

In this performative installation, memories of love, joy and sadness are stored and display themselves in different shapes and forms, taking on a life of their own.