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At age four, I lived through World War II, years later I saw the first broadcast television, and now I send ‘tikkies’ to my grandkids.” Gerda (82 years old), in an interview about the age gap in technology.

Grandmothers are wonderful, right? Some have the best recipes for cookies, some are great at sewing your pants a little shorter, and some can’t wait to talk about the old days. But if there’s one thing Grandma (or Grandpa) doesn’t quite seem to get the hang of, it’s digital devices. Digital illiterates form a new danger to society, especially to themselves. An ageing brain combined with a lack of know-how ensures that this generation finds itself in a strange piece of no man’s land in our society. From the uncomfortable stories of this wrinkled group of people, I designed an online place where these stories are converted into a digital campaign: a series of reasons to keep your oldies safe. This forms the basis for updating you, the younger generation, on what life is like for them. Go to omaweetgeenraad.nl and add stories from grandma and grandpa. And remember: keep your patience.