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Then we spent some time together. I was still figuring them out. I gave them space, so that I could... Look, see something familiar, stare back. They were asking me, to feel.

Acting is the new thinking. Rationalization is overrated. I highly encourage everyone to touch, feel, nudge, push, jump, bounce, duck, squeeze, catch, swing, look, listen, fall, drag, roll, grab, hug, hold, wear, and crawl to gather their information from now on. When meeting my work, the key is usually to follow your instinct rather than your brain.
I want to be able to touch feelings, characteristics and climb through memories. I make them grow less threatening physical forms to be able to tangibly explore what they can be. I’m curious to find ways to trigger the interplay between our inside and our outside world and how to fit one into the other. I invite their textile-covered forms into human spaces for others to experience and explore on their own terms.