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Art is a construction of the maker’s intentions, inspirations sources and skills to make a piece that appropriately represents what they want to convey. Through a process of trial and error, different choices and a lot of reflection art is made.

What is art? If nothing more than a collection of ideas, inspirations and sources that are transformed into a piece that, somewhat, contains its origins. For me these inspirations consist of literature, conversations with peers and other artists, amongst other things. Between the beginning and the end of the artistic process something happens, a transformation takes place, a translation from the idea to the final product.

My work brings to light this artistic process, using language to describe the steps taken. Each piece in the process can stand alone, yet wouldn’t exist without the previous step. The artistic process is a constant interaction between doing and thinking, action and reaction. It’s a collaboration of the maker’s skills, inspirations, reflections and intentions. I expose the steps taken over the course of a semester, to reveal how my work came to be and how it all fits together.