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Within my works, I openly walk my personal path of healing and explore the importance of acknowledging and expressing emotions, with the hope of removing the stigma surrounding the expression of vulnerability from our society.

In Need of Catharsis is a short fiction film in which 23-year-old Qetsiyah visits the apartment where she lived with her mother Alya, until Alya ended her life when Qetsiyah was 11 years old. We follow Qetsiyah during her first confrontation with this space and the presence that lingers inside. This palpable presence turns out to be Alya’s spirit. The film takes the point of view of Alya’s spirit. During Qetsiyah’s visit, Alya leads her around the apartment to different objects and places. Through this way Alya tries to reminisce with her daughter of their life together before her death. Qetsiyah is confronted with emotions and memories she has been trying to suppress since her mother’s death, she questions the relationship they had together when her mother was alive. Throughout the film, conversations and confrontations take place between the physical presence (Qetsiyah) and the spiritual presence (Alya.) This visit leads to the start of Qetsiyah’s process of emotional healing.