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Print is not dead! In an ever increasing digital age the discipline is still alive and vigorous.

As an artist and printmaker, I have one foot in the past and the other in the future. My practice switches fluidly between digital and traditional forms of printmaking. As a contemporary printmaker, I wonder what the value of the printmaker is in a time where everything can be generated and mechanically made.

Through endless artificial image generation, I seek the connection rather than the separation between traditional printing and digital forms of image creation. Printed images are ripped without value, reordered only to be re-photographed, printed, ripped and generated again. Reordered and arranged into an object where the underlying structures of printmaking are questioned and shown in a new way, something that started out as a silkscreen print becomes an installation or light sculpture.

By deconstructing what already exists, materials and processes can become something else without any prior knowledge of what it will be.