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Lucasprijs 2022 Winner

Turning wasted salt into a sustainable building material

Salinization is an ever-growing problem for our earth. Due to salinization, we will most likely run out of fresh drinking water in the near future. Luckily, lots of people are working around the globe to run desalination plants. These plants extract sweet drinking water from salt seawater, making it drinkable again.
Unfortunately, the left-over salt (also known as hypersaline brine) is currently being pumped back into the sea. This creates a lot of damage to marine ecosystems and sea life because their sea gets saltier and saltier.
In Hypersaline, Lotte Meeuse finds a way to use this hypersaline brine in a useful and sustainable way: as a building material. The wasted salt gets tested on strength, fire- and water resistance, aesthetic qualities, and more. This results in a sustainable material that is not only strong but can be very beautiful too.