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Chassé Cultuurfonds Film Incentive

Structural social problems are never the responsibility of a singular individual. That is why, with my documentaries, I take a step back from the individualized society and capture everyday events that are characterized by human coping mechanisms. Hopeful attempts we make to escape the stressful emptiness of existence.

Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? The search for meaning is the fundamental challenge for contemporary man. We live in an ever-accelerating time defined by individualism, but where can we still find solace, in this disenchanted world characterized by meaningless, emptiness and purposelessness?

The tragicomic documentary “Hoe zullen wij ons troosten.” (How shall we comfort ourselves.) examens our modern human ways of dealing with the emptiness of life. With repurposed churches as a theater, and everyday events as the play, we take a step back and observe the absurd ways of humans coping with life.