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As a filmmaker I think it’s important to really get to know your subjects and to get close to your subjects. During the process of filming I build a bond of trust with the people I follow, so that they feel save to also share their vulnerability. With my documentaries I give an intimite and personal view of the people I’m filming.

Het leven lacht me toe” (“Life smiles at me”) is a coming of age documentary about two best friends who are searching for love and recognition.

Alysha and Fleur live in a youth care institution in Tilburg. They are inseperable from each other; they are together every day. Alysha and Fleur both know that they will never leave each other. They are each other’s home and each other’s support.  Besides the fun they have together, their problems with boyfriends and processing their past, they find it difficult to see themselves separately from each other. When a fight between Alysha and Fleur drives them apart, they are forced to be alone and to face themselves. Who are Alysha and Fleur without each other?