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Opening your eyes to the possibilities of materials will forever change your world

Look around! Are you aware of the origins of the items in your room? What materials were used to create the plate on which you are currently eating your breakfast? And how do the products you use impact the world around you? From origin to craft addresses these issues by restoring the production and consumption process to its roots.

From origin to craft is made from a locally sourced tree known as “Metasequoia”. Although this name may not ring a bell, this type of tree is fairly common. Google the name, and you will discover that there are several Metasequoias on your street or in the nearby woods! Not only are there many of these trees, but they also grow quickly. The wood is light weighted, making the dinnerware with its unbreakable nature to be used in all kinds of situations. Unlike others, I will tell and show you how my products are made and hope that I will make the difference.