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Fashion is the mirror of history. (Louis XIV)

Anniek Junte is a creator of colorful illustrations, comics and short animations with a light character. Her images radiate a unique and typical atmosphere. This originates in the diligent work and care for detail she puts in every drawing.

Art history is a particular interest of her, which you can see returning in her graduation project.

It consists of a zine wherein she tells the stories of fashion history and beauty ideals through the decades. She aims to show insecure teenagers that the concept of beauty is a constantly changing ideal. Therefore “perfection” cannot exist.

How can we encourage society to be open about the diversity of being a woman instead of creating prisons of idealism?

With brightly colored illustrations and witty references to the current views on beauty, Anniek tries to encourage people to see the complete reality. Instead of the augmented version of current social media.