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An epic fantasy boardgame where Orcs and Dwarves fight for survival on a desolate planet

Firebending orcs and bearded female dwarves? Are you excited yet?
Exodus Orcs and Dwarves is an epic fantasy board game set on the desolate planet Neos. The nomadic orcs see their peace disturbed as the industrial dwarves crash land on Neos. With resources growing thin, each faction must fight for survival. Will you survive?

While playing Exodus, you explore the world of Neos, collect resources, and go to battle! Danger lurks around every corner, from icy blizzards to stampeding monsters. Survive and collect victory points to be the last faction standing. An abundance of playing cards such as Unit-cards, Action-cards, Event-cards, and Monster-cards will keep you playing. Choose your faction and claim victory!