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Magic. She can be found in the tiniest, littlest things of our daily life. You just have to recognise her.

I don’t mean: do you believe in fairy dust or dragons? I mean, do you believe magic can be found in our daily lives? Can we see it, can we feel it? Is it destiny or faith? Or just simply stories?
In Bibi’s magic related projects, she shows readers different ways of seeing magic through the pages of an illustrated book. In her and author Jen Minkman’s debut graphic novel ‘Dwaallicht’, she opens the readers eyes to a world within reality where magic exists and is something completely natural and normal.
In her cover illustration for the Dutch translation of Huntress by Malinda Lo, she expresses her love for YA fantasy and reveals her designing skills when it comes to book illustration.
And if that wasn’t enough, Bibi also shows her process when it comes to designing believable magic and its characters for a new illustrated book about finding magic in our lives.