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Sometimes I feel like a fatherless child.

Sometimes I feel like a fatherless child.

My thoughts and perspectives transform in the twinkling of an eye.

Thoughts tend to repeat and present themselves in various ways.
Sometimes I reject them and mould them into something different.

The material I use is affordable and accessible.
We can all connect and relate to these objects.
Because of that, I can distort and transform the matter whenever.
I choose materials I can be nonchalant with and just ‘get rid’ of because they’re easy to replace.
I can lose control over them because the materials themselves don’t hold great significance for me personally.

When working with precious items, the level of cautiousness overwhelms me.
Too frightened to lose what once was.
Scared to see the objects differently and to never be able to see them the way I did before.

I’m always searching for a quick fix to satisfy my thoughts. I want the material to be able to remodel, disguise, and appear whenever I want to.
A sense of recognition, reaching for ‘once upon a time’.
To sway back into the past whenever I desire.

To be able to lose and restore.