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VR makes it possible to fully experience and enter a different world.

The city of IJsselstein is over 700 years old. There are quite a lot of old buildings from different eras, including an old castle tower (known as ‘De Kasteeltoren’). In 1888 the castle was destroyed for its resources, only the tower is what remains of this medieval castle.

For this project I wanted to show what Castle IJsselstein looked like back in medieval times. What is a better way than to do this in a 3D world which you can walk through in VR? I decided to contact the local museum in IJsselstein, so I could work together in giving this project the funding it needs and giving the final result a permanent place ‘to be experienced’ at. Museum IJsselstein will use this project for the education of primary school students somewhere at the start of 2023. But not only students will get to experience this project, regular visitors of all ages will be able to enjoy it too.

On the Expo you will be able to experience this project already! It is a shorter preview experience that takes around 12 minutes.