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I use my position as cinematographer/filmmaker to recognise and visualise the darker, more mysterious, ambiguous side of the protagonist within the narrative film format.

During my study at the St. Joost, I confirmed and expanded my love and interest for cinematography, its styles, and genres. As a Director of Photography (DOP) I try to distinguish myself in the visual culture, where a lot is starting to look the same. I’m manifesting this in my visual style/statement named ‘Noir-Couleur’.

‘Noir Couleur’ represents my personal interest in ambiguous characters. Characters that walk on the verge of good and bad. Complex, emotional and yet pure, expressing what it means to be human.

While doing the cinematography on the films ‘Beyond the Sun’, ‘Mijn Moeder; de Atoombom’ and ‘Treurzang’ I looked for custom cinematography in each film. These are projects where the directors and I share same thoughts and interests. Resulting in being able to mix it with elements of ‘Noir couleur’. This way of collaborating results in being able to create a film cinematographically pure and powerful.