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After an extensive consultation with the Queen, we have made up our mind. We evaluated your belongings and found them to be of insufficient worth to cease the building plans. We will further our expansion and politely request your departure.

During ecological disasters and metaverse promises, I tend to find rest in the homely spaces of termite mounts and dismantled archive shelving. As a maker of installations, I have the chance to immerse viewers in fictional conflicts which turn out to be uncomfortably nonfictional. Like with any good quarrel, details fade into the background soon enough, leaving behind the true intentions and desires. These installations are the homes of the clashes they house, encapsulating the remnants of their personal histories in sculptures and video.

In the midst of the wavering Enlightenment project, we are searching for new ways of living together with ourselves and our environment. New ways that require new stories, those of soft-hearted snails and of underwater choirs. Tales to muddle facts into our fiction and fiction into our facts. Simply put: how to rebuild a world that has not yet been broken?