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Breni Patta is a short animation about the love for Surinamese and sneaker culture captured in the story of Shirley James. 

Fourteen-year-old Shirley James is helping her family’s busy Surinamese restaurant, Warung Sani, by delivering food. When Shirley asks her mother for a pair of expensive sneakers, which she refuses to buy, Shirley accidentally stumbles into a different world where the sneakers are almost within reach until a spirit comes along.

Breni Patta (blinding sneaker) is a short animation project that is inspired by the Surinamese culture focusing on themes of food, folklore, and the protective powers of jewellery and remedies whilst being intertwined with the love for sneakers. Highlighting different aspects of the Surinamese culture by using various locations, character design, and storytelling is important to me as an animator, helping to encourage more diversity and representation within the world of animation.

The project mainly focuses on the visual development of the world of Shirley James. You can find updates about the project on my social media.