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A young, new guard begins his shift in a detention center with a bad reputation. The guard changes from a human, benevolent person to one who has no morals. Beyond The Sun is a short fiction film about the inhumanity of Syrian detention centers and the "inhumanity" of the guards.

My graduation project is about detention centres in Syria. In this film, I want to tell about situationism in the psychology of the Syrian situation. It is mainly about the ‘little’ soldiers who have to do their service in the detention centres. Through interviews with a former Syrian writer, I came across this theme. He tells in his book ‘The Shell’, that at the beginning of the service of the new soldiers, they see the torture and do not accept it. Gradually by living and working there, they turn into ‘beasts’. I chose this theme because I think those soldiers are victims too. Of course, not in the same way as the detainees. Some of those soldiers show compassion for the detainees, but they do it secretly because otherwise, there are consequences for them.