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As a neurodivergent designer, I would like to make the world a little more neurodivergent friendly

What comes to mind when you hear the term ADHD? Someone who is hyperactive, forgets a lot and is never on time? I used to think that too. Until I started to learn more about it. Not only did I come to the discovery that ADHD can look very different in a lot of different people, but also that I was one of those people. Suddenly it became very clear why I always had so much trouble with planning and organization.

That’s why I designed a tool that helps people with ADHD to plan and remember household chores, physical care and relaxation time. The ADHDay Planner uses pendants that symbolize a chore or task. The pendants can be linked together to split up big tasks into smaller steps. This will help people with ADHD to keep a good overview, have a visual reminder and with that to do the tasks.