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One goal, one of heart, wherever we are. In our way of doing things, sincere and simple. Diligent, ready for anything. no attachment to family, work, money and goods.”

I want to tell you a story about stuff, but from a totally different perspective. For this project, I have collaborated with the Franciscanessen van Mariadal. The nuns follow the principles of Franciscan life, according to Franciscus of Assisi. They live their lives without personal belongings.

It’s a big contrast with our lives nowadays. We love stuff, and it’s everywhere: in our homes, at work and at friends. We buy more things to get happier, but that’s just a short-term solution. Many things end up on a pile, never to be looked at again. Due to my work at the secondhand store, I started looking into minimalism and living a happier life with less.

I created an interactive installation about the nuns in contradiction with our lives, full of stuff. Why do we own so much stuff? Are you truly happy with all your belongings?