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Inequality is a given, that doesn't mean there is no chance of making a change. Something has to change.

“Equality is a must”, that’s what people expressed when asked about social inequality. Yet none of them had acted on this statement. From an early age, we learn that fair equals good and unfair equals bad. still, the Netherlands is far from being fair. How do we think about inequality and what do we think is right? What are we doing to reduce inequality and are we prepared to do so if it comes at our own expense? This is what I want to question with my project. By presenting these questions to people at different locations through interactive posters, I’ve created a collection that displays the differences within ‘s-Hertogenbosch. When people fill in the posters they commit to a sticker and physically place themselves on an interactive scale, being made aware of their position, seeing where they place themselves but also where they stand in relation to others.